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Professional power flushing

Experience the benefits of power flushing

Over time, your boiler will gather all types of different deposits and have nothing to do with them but store them in the system. These range from general dirt, to sludge and other waste products that have detrimental effects on how your boiler operates. The best way to combat this dirt is with our specialist power flushing service in Medway.

Why go through boiler cleaning?

  • Eradication of all dirt

  • Cold spots on radiators disappear

  • Improved boiler effectiveness

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Cheaper bills

  • Prevention of damages to your boiler

  • Prevention of damages to radiators

  • A cost-effective option

See the difference with our boiler cleaning


We recommend that you call us for power flushing at least once a year, particularly after the winter months. Alternatively, we can provide reactive boiler cleaning for when you notice a problem.

Is it time for your boiler to go through a power flushing cycle? Call us in

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There are obvious signs as to when you need to call us for our boiler cleaning service. If you're cranking up the heat in your home but can't feel a difference in temperature, there are cold spots on your radiators, or in some cases, there are leakages, you can count on us to resolve the problem.